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Dear Clients,

As a part of our ongoing relationship, we find it important to keep our files up-to-date with your most recent employer information. Job changes often create income and tax withholding changes. These adjustments could have a significant impact on your tax liability.

Let us know about your employment changes and help us identify any concerns you might have.

Employer Information

If you or your spouse (if applicable) changed FULL-TIME jobs since January 1st, please help us update your file with the following information:

Previous employer’s name

  • Did you participate in the retirement plan? (Yes, No, Not applicable)

New employer’s name and address

  • What did you enter on the new W-4? (Single/Married; Credits / Deductions / Other)
  • Are you participating in the retirement plan? (Yes, No, Not applicable)
  • Are there any financial questions or concerns you have regarding your new employment?

If we have additional questions, someone from our office will contact you directly.
Thank you for your time!