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Corporation Clients,

If you have a registered corporation (Inc) with the Nebraska Secretary of State it is time to renew your registration!

If you have a registered LLC your renewal is during odd years. If you do NOT have a Nebraska registered LLC or Corporation, please disregard this message.

Yellow Card

You should receive a yellow postcard mailing between Jan 1st – 14th. It should look similar to the pdf document attached. This card holds the instructions necessary to legally renew your entity.

Due Date

Domestic Corporation renewals are due by March 1st. Your GBE advisor does NOT automatically file this for you. It is your responsibility to file or to send us the yellow postcard.

If nothing is filed by April 15th your entity will be administratively dissolved and no longer legally recognized as a business under Nebraska state law.

Address Changes

If you have moved within the last two years there is a good chance you did not receive the yellow postcard. Please contact the Secretary of State to discuss how to proceed.

Filing Procedures

There are specific rules for each filing. Consult your GBE advisor as needed. The generic rules for filing your renewal are:

File Annual/Biennial Reports – Click Here to File Now
Click FILE NOW: Online (for Corporations)
Enter account number
Enter amount of paid-up capital stock (listed on tax return balance sheet; normally $100 to $1,000) and click Calculate Fees – click Continue

Many pages / names / addresses to review
Signature of Officer (first name, last name of President/Owner)
Complete, with changes (if applicable)
Enter billing info
Double-check all info (including mailing addresses) before submit

Secretary of State Screenshot

To feel comfortable you are at the correct website, the Click Here to File Now should look like:

Nebraska secretary of state screen shot

Questions or Concerns?

If so, please contact your GBE advisor right away. The paperwork to resolve administrative dissolution can be time consuming and costly!