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Putting kids above self
If you choose to make financial sacrifices in order to help college or even adult children, you may be doing so at the end of your working life and the beginning of theirs. That does not make sense since the kids have more time to make up lost ground than you. The correct choice is to save money towards a secure retirement. An emotionally and financially stable parent will mean more to a grown child than one working beyond age or health limitations.

Buying insurance when investing would have been wiser
Purchasing whole life insurance or long-term care insurance as an investment tool can be flawed and even dangerous. The premiums may come at a high cost and the benefits are only ‘successful’ if you are unable to care for yourself or are deceased. An alternative plan is to invest in yourself and your future. The investment belongs to you (not a company) and the long-term growth can often outpace the payout of insurance.

Not caring for your health
Nothing is as important as health. This truth seems to only come to us when we are sick. While we believe in hard work, it is also true that any recurring task requiring you to sacrifice physical well-being is not worth it. Attempt frequent exercise even if only in short increments. Make better decisions, more often.

Utilize appropriate health, disability, and term-life insurance, but remember to consult your GBE advisor to assist with these and other decisions to ensure you’re making wise choices for your family!