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For all others we recommend you continue to send us your tax information.

1. Many of you receive refunds; so now is the time to file!
2. We are unsure whether each state will follow suit with the extended deadline.
3. We at GBE are still allowed to work in our office (currently). Uncertain if this will remain true in the coming weeks.

While it is true that you now have the option to file your federal taxes by July 15th please be aware of the previously mentioned risks/uncertainties. Should you plan on owing taxes this year and wish to wait; please send us your tax information by MAY 1ST to avoid confusion and summer timing issues.


For those who pay quarterly estimates we encourage you to continue with the normal April, June, September, December payment schedule. It may be true that April and June estimates will be extended to July 15th. However, some uncertainties still exist with the necessary updates from the IRS data hub to our regional tax software provider (certain exceptions may be sensible if you have restrictive cash flow needs – message your GBE advisor for details).

Thank you for working with us during this time period. Please continue to file as normal if possible!