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Valued Clients,

As some of you know we offer investments through our financial advisory platform. Many of you utilize these GBE services and we thank you!

There are several options when it comes to financial advisors. What you may not know are some inherent advantages of having your financial advisor also be a CPA.

The CPA Advantage

At GBE we think one thing that sets us apart from the rest is knowing how your investments can be structured in the most tax-efficient ways possible. Other advisors are not allowed to provide tax advice. We embrace it! We enjoy providing tax advice!

Reducing your tax burden should be a key element in almost any investment strategy. Leaving more for you and less for the government.


We have several rewarding stories of taxes saved or disasters avoided for investment clients. Two of or favorite examples:

Client A was advised to convert Traditional IRA to Roth for future tax-free growth. (Former) Advisor of client A was unaware Roth Conversion would put them over the limit for Premium Tax Credit (Marketplace health insurance). GBE advisor implements plan to stop conversion. Taxes saved: $28,000.

Client B reached full retirement age for 401k purposes. Client B desired no debt in retirement. Client B considers lump-sum withdrawal of 401k to payoff existing mortgage. Mortgage rate was 4%. Tax rate on lump-sum distribution of 401k was 35%. GBE advisor implements plan to rollover to IRA and take small withdrawals as needed. Taxes saved: $46,500.

Your Financial Future is in Good Hands

Whether inheriting funds, saving for retirement, just beginning your investment journey, saving for college, or planning for social security, our financial advisors are available to help you make a plan. The wealth management program at GBE works with you for long-term growth, asset protection, and other desired financial outcomes.

Contact our firm for details. And thank you for taking the time to learn more about our services.