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This time of year many of you, our valued clients, receive notice letters from the IRS or the State Department of Revenue. The notice letters encourage you to write a check for unpaid tax, penalty, and interest from a previous tax year.

In some cases, we’ve found these letters to be unclear or incorrect. With a simple response message or phone call from our office, the notice to pay could be reduced or forgiven entirely.

Please Let Us Know

There have been a number of occasions where a client paid the notice without consulting our office. This may have been done out of fear that the IRS will start hunting them down if the notice is not paid on time. We’ve found over the years it may make sense for us to respond to the notice before it has been paid.

We ask our clients to send us a copy of the letter or bring it to our attention before making any payment. After a brief examination, we should be able to assess whether the tax and penalty are reasonable or unwarranted. Please do not pay these notices without a review from our office first!