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GBE Clients,

It has been an interesting start to our filing season as the federal and state tax rules seem to be changing by the minute.

After receiving some early tax info, we thought it might be helpful provide a few reminders and tips when sending in your documents this year. We have options for in-person drop off, mail, and electronic.


1. We ask for your patience as many additional forms are required for filing this year
2. Many of you qualified for stimulus in April/May/June and another round in January. You may be eligible for more credit. Please let us know:
a. Amounts you received each time
b. If you received one but not the other
c. If you received nothing at all
3. If you are self-employed (Sole-Proprietor Business or Farmer) and missed time due to COVID between 4/1 and 12/31 please let us know!
a. Includes time missed while caring for someone with COVID or in quarantine
b. Includes time missed related to care for child whose school or daycare was closed due to COVID
c. See Form 7202 Response Form (attached) for instructions
4. Once your taxes are completed, you will receive a subsequent invoice. You may pay by check or online (fees may apply) Payments:


1. Please avoid staples as they wreck our scanners. Paper clip is better. Loose leaf is best!
2. Ignore message regarding Electronic below, as your taxes will likely be returned to you in the manner provided (paper mail or in-person signature).


1. You may email documents as accustomed, or our secure portal is available. Contact us for details.
a. The portal works best if you browse/drag all files at once and hit UPLOAD one time
b. We will receive a notification your documents are in the portal after you click UPLOAD
2. Provide your email address and spouse email address (if applicable)
a. This will allow our new feature for E-signature/ DocuSign
b. It will prompt you for a few security questions, provide an opportunity for your review of the taxes, and allow an easy click and sign to finish
c. Sign ONLY when ready! Your signature will trigger a message in our system and your taxes will be filed shortly thereafter.

Thanks for your time and of course your patience this tax season!