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Previously, we found an interesting article online about the benefits of hiring a CPA. These suggestions are still valid today! The author describes five ways to make a CPA more valuable to you. They are:

1) Build a Relationship | Stick with your CPA if you feel comfortable with him or her. By working with the same CPA year after year, they become familiar with your situation and can quickly spot discrepancies or big changes.

2) Be Organized | CPAs are usually paid by the hour. If you have a lot of deductions, consider organizing your information into a spreadsheet with documentation. This could save time and lower your bill.

3) Don’t Make Assumptions | Don’t make assumptions based on your previous year. Incorrect assumptions can often cost you. Trust your CPA to prepare your tax returns.

4) Consult your CPA in Making Decisions (throughout the year) | Consult your CPA when you make big decisions, especially those you think qualify for tax credits or exemptions. Your CPA can advise you on the latest tax laws and help you make a purchase that would qualify.

5) Don’t Lie | Lying to your CPA only hurts you. It might seem embarrassing, but your information is private and your CPA can determine the best way to report your earnings, expenses, and more.

See some examples and more information on why you should hire a CPA by visiting the article here. Please let us know if you have any questions.