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Valued GBE Clients,

The W-4 is changing in 2020. This email message is sent with the hope of educating and informing you ahead of these changes. Change is good, be not afraid!

Remind me what a W-4 is again?

The federal government requires employees to complete a W-4 for employers. It tells employers how much money to withhold from your paycheck for federal income taxes (several states also utilize the same form).

Why change the W-4?

As stated in the IRS FAQs on the 2020 W-4, the new design is meant to be less complex and increase the accuracy of your withholdings. In other words, to get as close to $0 refund and $0 tax due as possible. Download the 2020 W-4 Draft.

I have not changed my W-4 in years, will I be required to submit this new one?

Not necessarily. Employers may have enough information from your previous W-4 to comply with the updated withholdings table.

How do I complete the new W-4?

Complete Step 1 for name and filing status. Answer Steps 2-4 to the best of your ability. If you don’t know the answer(s) you may simply SKIP any of Steps 2-4. If you are a church worker, complete line 4(c) in the same way as line 6 on previous W-4.

Consult your GBE advisor as needed.

I want a refund, how should I fill out the new W-4?

Complete Step 1. Skip Steps 2-3. Write additional withholding amount (per pay period) in line 4(c).

My kid has a summer job, now what?

Child dependents making $12,000 or less should Complete Step 1 and write EXEMPT in the blank space below line 4(c).


Lucky for you our team at GBE loves taxes. Any questions you may still have please let us know!

Download the 2020 W-4 Draft